Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Seventh Annual Independent Authors Fair

First off, my apologies for be so late in getting this post up on my blog. The Authors Fair was April 29 and I just kept pushing it back on my To Do list.

The Seventh Annual Independent Authors Fair was held on April 29, 2017 in Lagrange, Kentucky. This was a new venue for the Authors Fair with it being held in the previous years in Madison, Indiana. With over 100 authors attending and selling their books, it was a wonderful event. 

Authors pictured above from left to right:
Row 1 - Arlan Andrews, Bill Noel, Juliette Douglas, Michael Williams.
Row 2 - Molly Daniels, Mysti Parker.
Row 3 - Nora Gail Truax, Per Bastet Publications
Row 4 - Holly Phillippe and Steven Zimmer of Seventh Star Press, Tony Acree, Elizabeth Bevarly, Jan Scarbrough

The owners of Karen's Book Barn did a wonderful job putting on this event. Kudos to all of them and their staff for a job well done.
A big thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their photos as I did not take any of my own.


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