Thursday, March 28, 2013

Excerpt from "Compromised"

Below is an excerpt from my romantic suspense novel, Compromised. It's available in both e-book and paperback at


     "The table looks beautiful."
     Ethan had set the table with water goblets, wineglasses, candles, and fresh flowers decorated the table. Soft music played on the stereo and the lights were dimmed.
     "You didn't have to do all of this," she said.
     "You approve?"
     "I approve. Where did the flowers come from?" she asked, as he seated her at the table. The arrangement contained a mixture of brightly colored spring flowers.
     "I called a florist today and asked to have them delivered here. They came while you were in the shower," he said. He went into the kitchen and came back out placing two plates with lobster, vegetables, and rice on the table and sat down, too.
     "This looks and smells wonderful," she said, while Ethan poured her a glass of wine. "When did you get the wine?"
     "While you were working in the studio I left to picked up a bottle." Ethan smiled the whole time he talked. He felt very happy with his accomplishment.
     "You didn't have to go to all the trouble with such an extravagant meal for me."
     "Yes, I did." Suddenly, his smile disappeared and he became very serious. He leaned over and placed his hand on her cheek brushing his lips against hers so gently.
     After the kiss, she looked down.
     "Cally, are you okay?" he asked.
     "That kiss brought back a lot of memories," she finally said.
     "Good memories, I hope."
     "Some good, some bad." She looked at him, staring into those hazel eyes. "We're different people now than we were in college. I don't even know anything about you and you won't even talk to me about your life."
     "I know I haven’t talked much about myself. Most people wouldn’t understand my life. There are a lot of secrets, a lot of lies, and a lot of loneliness."
     Before Cally could say anything, her phone rang. She went into the living room answer it and came back to the table. Her voice became very excited as she talked to the person on the other end of the line. "Oh thank you! Thank you so much."
     Hanging up the phone, she looked at Ethan. A smile spread across her face. "That was Victoria. I have great news. Our station got approval to do an interview with the Royal Prince of England and Victoria wants me to do it. I'm going to London!"
     Ethan just sat there showing no expression.
     "Isn't this great news? Aren't you happy for me?"
     He looked up at her. "You can't go."
     Stunned, her eyes widened. "What do you mean, I can't go?" 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Author's Fair

This weekend, I participated in the Third Annual That Book Place Author's Fair in Madison, Indiana. What a wonderful time I had. It was so great getting to see old friends and meeting new ones, not to mention I sold a bunch of books.

I shared a table with Molly Daniels (middle) and Kayelle McClive (left). I think we were the only romance authors at the fair, but not positive.

The Author's Fair actually started the night before with Filk music and then discussion panels. I sat on the "So You Want to be a Writer" panel. The audience had some great questions. 

The threat of rain was imminent at the beginning of the day, but it held off and we had mostly cloudy skies all day. I think the most exciting part of the day was when the wind decided that we didn't need to be under a tent and blew it up and over the tables behind us, landing on the other side of the parking lot. Needless to say, it was very windy. For everyone's safety, most of the tents were taken down after that.

Frank and Kim Hall, owners of That Book Place, and their staff were wonderful and took very good care of us all day, always coming around to see if we needed anything. They also made sure we were well fed too. The turnout was great and my guess is that hundreds of people attended.

I can't wait until it all happens again next year.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Book Cover

Below is the cover for my next book, Spring Forward, Fall Back in Love. It's a novella that will tentatively be released in April 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing.

The last person Grace Taylor wanted to see was her old boyfriend, Andy Granger, but that's exactly who was standing in front of her on the porch of the ranch. To make matters worse, he was her trail guide. When an unexpected spring storm strands them in a secluded mountain cabin, memories and old feelings emerge. Can Grace keep the secret she'd kept for eight years while at the same time keep Andy at a distance?

Friday, March 15, 2013

That Book Place Third Annual Author's Fair

 Tomorrow, you can find me at the That Book Place Third Annual Author's Fair signing copies of my books, "Saved by the Sheriff" and "Compromised." I'll also have lots of swag to give away.

 That Book Place bookstore is located at 337 Clifty Drive, Madison, Indiana, next to KFC. Click on the link above and find out about all the activities and authors attending. If you're in the area, make sure you stop by.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Hop Winner

Congratulations to Melissa Keir, winner of a pdf copy of my book, "A Kitchen Affair." Thanks to everyone who visited and commented.

Look for my next book, "Spring Forward, Fall Back in Love," tentatively scheduled for an April release.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just Desserts Blog Event

The authors with my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing are holding a Just Desserts Blog Hop this weekend. On each of their own blogs, you will find information about their books and many will be sharing a delicious dessert recipe. You can also find so many giveaways. Check out the Secret Cravings Publishing Blog for a complete list of participants.

I really think my current release. "A Kitchen Affair" fits this blog hop better than any other hop I've participated in. The heroine is a personal chef and she prepares scrumptious dishes throughout the book. If you've followed me on my guest appearances on other blogs, you've see some of my recipes already. However, I have left my best and favorite recipe for this posting. It's the first dessert that Jenny serves to Derek in the book and is probably responsible for winning him over from the start. At the bottom of this post, you can see how to enter my giveaway for a .pdf copy of "A Kitchen Affair."

Toffee Cheesecake
1 3/4 c. graham cracker crumbs
1/3 c. melted butter
1 1/2 c. sugar
3 8-oz pkg. cream cheese, softened
1/2 t. vanilla
6 eggs
3 Heath Candy Bars
1 c. sour cream
1 c. powdered sugar

Crust: Mix together graham cracker crumbs, butter and 1/4 c. sugar. Press into a 9-inch springform pan and set aside.

Filling: With an electric mixer, beat together cream cheese, 1 1/4 c. sugar and vanilla. Add eggs one at a time. Mix well and pour over crust. Top with Heath Bars that have been chopped into pieces. Back at 350° f for 60-70 minutes. Served cooled. Option: after cheesecake has cooled, it may be topped with mixture of sour cream and powdered sugar.

Now for the giveaway. Leave a comment in this post telling me what your favorite dessert is and you'll be entered. Make sure you include your email address so I can contact you. I'll announce the winner here on Monday. Thanks and don't forget to visit the other blogs in the Hop.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Read an E-Book Week

Today starts Read an E-Book Week, March 3-9, 2013. What does that mean? It was started to education the public about electronic reading, e-books, and e-readers. I own a Kindle and I love it. I've had so many people tell me how they just have to hold that book in their hands. I say hogwash. I can't even count then umber of times I have been reading my Kindle and find myself reach up to turn a page as if I was reading paperback book.

As a newly published writer, I couldn't wait until my book came out in paperback, but first I had to wait until the e-book sold. Four books later, I have been educated that e-books sell so much more than paperbacks. This is not just my books, e-books in general have out-sold paperbacks for the last couple of years.

What's really neat is that you don't even have to own an e-reader to read an e-book. You can read them on your home computer, laptop, tablet, or even your cell phone. Amazon has Kindle apps for just about any device out there.

To celebrate Read an E-Book Week, I am giving away free copies of the e-book of "Compromise." To purchase for your Kindle, click here. If you're interested in my other books, you can find them for your Kindle at my Amazon Author Page or for your Nook at Barnes and Noble. If you still prefer paperback, two of them are available in paperback at those links also.

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