Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet the Authors

Today is Marketing for Romance Writers Book Hook Day. Today, by following the link at the end of my post you can meet some of the wonderful authors that belong to the Marketing for Romance Writers group. Each, including me, will be promoting one of their books on their blogs. I am promoting my book, Mountain of Deception.

Tessa Cooper has taken a sabbatical from teaching at a university to live in the Tennessee mountains to write a mystery novel. She didn't intend on falling in love with the man building the garage behind her cabin or find herself caught in the middle of something illegal with him.

     Tessa was stunned. She went to the living room, sat on the couch, and started putting together the pieces in her mind. Silas had never told her anything about himself, didn’t offer his phone number, and avoided telling her where he lived. Martin did have a lot of animal heads mounted in his house, and he and Silas talked a lot about hunting that night. Maybe there was something to what Mae said. She did seem like the type of person who would know everything that goes on in the neighborhood.
     Confused, she picked up her laptop and went to one of those web sites where you can do a background check on someone to look for answers. With her credit card number, she punched in Silas’ name. She couldn’t believe what came up.

Mountain of Deception is available at several online stores with the links below:

To meet a few of the other MFRW authors, visit the MRFW Book Hook Blog at


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