Sunday, September 29, 2013

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

If you're read a the past few of my blog posts, you know that I'm kind of a space nerd. My husband and I like to sit out in our driveway and look at the night sky. He has a great telescope for that and earlier this summer, I finally got to see the rings of Saturn. Pretty cool.

One thing my husband likes to do is look for comets. He's a member of an online group of comets hunters. If you find a new one, you get to name it and a few of his fellow members have been able to do that. So, we spent a lot of time watching the sky. This weekend, we went on a family camping trip on his sister's property. We were out in the middle of the country, no lights and a perfect sky. Yes, we took the telescope. However, the dew fell so early and so thick that we had to keep wiping the dew from the lens. It was a failing effort, so we gave up and headed to bed early.

This is where Murphy's Law comes in. On Friday night, there was a fireball over Ohio, a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. My husband's nephew was getting off work at and on his way to the campout at around 11:30 pm when the sky light up like daytime and we're in southern Indiana! We had gone to bed around an hour before that happened and missed it. It never fails. Below is a NASA video of how the fireball looked from space. It's a continuous loop showing it over several times.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The temperatures have finally cooled, but my allergies are still in full summer mode. Just now, I nearly sneezed myself silly. I've always heard that living in my part of the country (southern Indiana) is a terrible place for people with allergies. I've had friends that have been completely allergy-free prior to moving here and then, BAM. It hits them.

So, it looks like I will still be adding an allergy medication to my grocery list again. I think I only have a couple pills left. Bring on the snow, because that may be the only thing that will save me. I love winter, by the way.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spiders - eeeewwww

Spiders fascinate me, but the ones in our house right now are trying to tell us that it's their house, not ours. Last week, the weather was a little cooler and I was watching a football game on television. I had shorts on  and was getting cold, so I grabbed the cozy blanket that we keep next to the chair and gave it a shake to spread it out on top of me. My husband jumped off of the couch and started pounding on something across the room from me. It was a big spider that I had shook out of the blanket. The spider below is one that built her web on our porch this week.

Then, last night I went bed early so I could watch Sherlock on our other television. this morning, my husband tells me he was sitting on the couch last night and saw something big running around on our desks. He thought it was a mouse, but when he went to see, he found it was a HUGE spider. When we start seeing spiders as big as mice, I think it's time to bug bomb the house.


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