Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spiders - eeeewwww

Spiders fascinate me, but the ones in our house right now are trying to tell us that it's their house, not ours. Last week, the weather was a little cooler and I was watching a football game on television. I had shorts on  and was getting cold, so I grabbed the cozy blanket that we keep next to the chair and gave it a shake to spread it out on top of me. My husband jumped off of the couch and started pounding on something across the room from me. It was a big spider that I had shook out of the blanket. The spider below is one that built her web on our porch this week.

Then, last night I went bed early so I could watch Sherlock on our other television. this morning, my husband tells me he was sitting on the couch last night and saw something big running around on our desks. He thought it was a mouse, but when he went to see, he found it was a HUGE spider. When we start seeing spiders as big as mice, I think it's time to bug bomb the house.


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