Monday, May 6, 2019

Avengers: Endgame Review - Spoilers included

As the title says, there will be spoilers included in my review.

I'm a huge Marvel Universe fan and the Avengers movies are some of my favorite. That being said, Avengers: Endgame was not one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, it was really good, just not as good as I thought some of the previous Avengers movies were.

The only thing I knew for sure about the movie prior to seeing it was that time travel was involved in getting the lost Avengers back. Thank you to everyone who did not post spoilers so I could go into this movie fairly clueless.

I was really happy to see Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye in this one and was glad they included at the beginning of the movie what happened with him and his family after Thanos' finger snap. I missed Hawkeye in Infinity War.

I was also happy to see that they were able to include Stan Lee in another cameo. What would a Marvel movie be without seeing him pop up on the screen for a few seconds. I also liked seeing Captain Marvel included. That's one of the Marvel movies I missed for some reason, but I'm looking forward to catching it when it comes to streaming. I wish they would have included her more.

The special effects of the movie were phenomenal, as expected. It's why I always want to watch a movie like this on the big screen the first time. Of course, the plot was great with an ending that I kind of expected, yet was still surprised with. Yes, I cried, although not as much as I thought I would. I had heard the ending reduced even big high school football players to tears.

The things I didn't like were numerous. While I love all of the characters, I thought, as with Infinity War, that there were too many to keep track of. During the last battle, I had a hard time figuring out who some of them were. Oh, and when did Pepper Potts become a superhero with a suit of her own? Did I miss that in a previous movie? Also, who was the guy at the end that was sitting on the porch with Starks' daughter?

I hated how Thor looked. I know they like to throw comedy in there and I know he was depressed, but would he really let himself go like that? Thor is one of my favorite characters and I cringed every time I saw him and his beer belly. Speaking of Thor, didn't Cap try to pick up Thor's hammer in a previous movie and couldn't? Now, he suddenly can? Now, he's worthy?

I wasn't quite sure why we saw Bruce Banner as Hulk for most of the movie instead of himself. Was it because in the previous movie, he was having a hard time turning into Hulk, so now they were doing the opposite?

I knew we were going to lose some characters in this movie. Natasha was a surprise for me. Stark wasn't. I had read where Robert Downy, Jr. didn't want to do anymore Ironman movies, so his death didn't surprise me. I also knew that Chris Evans wasn't going to do any more Captain America movies. I was happy with how they ended Cap's career. When you saw him aged at the end, you just knew he was going to end up with Agent Carter. Kudos to that ending.

But, what about all the other characters we lost? Are we going to ever see Loki again? He's come back from the dead before. I hope he does it again. I love Tom Hiddleston too much to not see him again. He does Loki so well.

I'm sure there are things I forgot to mention. After all, it was a three hour movie. As I said at the beginning, overall it was a really good movie. I'd have to give it a A- as my grade.

So, what did you think of the movie? I'm anxious to hear what other people thought about it and if you know the answers to any of my questions above, please enlighten me. Thanks.


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