Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Exposure - A Tease

 I'm only on chapter two of the first book in my new mystery series, but here's a short blurb, which may, or may not change as I get more into the project.

Three young boys witness the senseless murder of a hiker, then fear they're next because of what they found in an old copper mine. 

 Carol 📚

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Screenplay Finalist


For those of you that read my previous blog post know that I recently took a dive into screenwriting. I'm excited to say that it has paid off (although, not financially yet). My script, adapted from my book, Homecoming to Murder, was selected as a finalist in the Imadjinn Awards Feature Length category. The winner will be announced at next month's Imaginarium Convention in July. 


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Update: screenwriting and series writing

I haven’t posted on here since October, so I thought I should give everyone an update on what’s been going on in my world. If you don’t know me very well, I hate writing blog posts, and I mean HATE writing them. So, as Nike used to say, just do it.


I received some good feedback on my Nathan Perry Mystery Series, which is currently at three books. I had the fourth book about three-quarters of the way finished, but got bitten by the screenwriting bug. I’ve always wanted one of my books to be made into a movie. I even had a little interest from an agent on one of my romances, but eventually she passed.

I had no idea how to write a screenplay, or the money to pay someone to write it. Actually, I thought it was probably beyond my writing ability to do so. Then, Tony Acree, of Hydra Publications, held a free two-hour screenwriting workshop. Tony has had great success with his screenwriting. I figured what the heck, it was free and I might learn something. I loved it and was hooked from the very beginning. After that workshop, then reading two books on screenwriting, and downloading the writing software, I was ready to start. From February through May, I adapted the first Nathan Perry book, Homecoming to Murder into a feature length screenplay. I’d like to say it’s really good, but as my first attempt at this, it’s probably really bad. Only time will tell.

With the script being finished, I went back to working on book four in the NP series. What I found out was that as much as I love the characters of Mystic, Massachusetts, I was really tired of writing about them. I needed a longer break, or something new.

With that being said, I have started a new book. It’s a new location, new characters, and new murders.I’m excited about it. However, at the same time, I feel really guilty about having a Nathan Perry book so close to being finished and then setting it aside. I think what I might do is work on one book and when that gets stale, or I get blocked, I’ll work on the other book. I’ve never worked on two writing projects at the same time before, so this will definitely be a new experience for me. Wish me luck.

Here's a little tease for the new book.



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