Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Coming in 2020 and beyond

As most of you know I have written seven romance novels. After my last novel was published, I made the decision to not write romance again. I was simply burned out on it. My first love in reading has always been mystery novels. Most of my romance books were romantic suspense, so I figured it was be an easy transition to writing mysteries. However, it wasn't as easy as I thought. There was so much more to keep track of. However, it was a challenge I wanted to take.

In July, I finished writing my first mystery novel and am pleased to announce that I have signed a three-book contract with Seventh Star Press for a new mystery series.
"Homecoming to Murder" will be released sometime in 2020, followed by "The Coin Collector" and then "Witch Hunt."

Book 1

   Nathan Perry, having recuperated from his Gulf War injuries, returns to his hometown of Mystic, Massachusetts to become the police department's first detective.   
   His initial assignment is to discover who has been breaking into homes in the most affluent part of town, but more importantly, who murdered one of the homeowners. When he finally discovers who's behind the murder and break-ins, everyone is shocked, especially the police department.  

Book 2

    After a coin collector convention comes to Mystic, Massachusetts, the town has another murder on its hands. Detective Nathan Perry investigates the mysterious death and determines the victim was killed over a rare Colonial Era coin. Did the killer get away with a priceless coin or a well-made counterfeit?
   Nationally known journalist, Robin Fisher wants the same answers as Nathan, but keeps getting in his way to find them.

Book 3

   When a millionaire's daughter is found hanging from a tree in the Mystic cemetery, witchcraft is suspected. Police Detective Nathan Perry is assigned the case and ends up working closely with an attractive private investigator hired by the father to find out who murdered his daughter.



Hopefully, there will be more than three books in the series. It all depends on what you, the readers want. Thank you.


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