Sunday, May 1, 2011

A week without Internet

We finally got back online last Thursday night after being without Internet since the Friday before. I was surprised that I didn't go through withdrawal from not having internet. Well, okay I did have it at work, but I am limited on what I'm allowed to do online there. I was able to check my Facebook and Twitter on my phone, but even on there, I'm limited. But, my poor husband, he couldn't get online anywhere and I think he was very happen when we got our new modem/router.

We've had a deluge of storms pass through for the last couple of weeks and we are always faithful about unplugging the computer from both the power and the phone line for fear of getting hit with lightening. It turns out that when you take a direct lightening hit, it doesn't matter that they are completely unplugged. That's what happened to us.

Thursday night one of those storms came through and, as always we unplugged the computer. We were watching the severe weather reports on tv when the lightening hit. In addition to our modem and router, it also got our DVD player, toaster, an electric heater, my printer, answering machine, and my husband's ham radio power supply, antenna, and antenna turner. He is also faithful about unplugging his ham radio equipment, but it got some of his equipment, too. Luckily, it didn't get his new radio or any of our televisions.

Everything so far has been an inexpensive replacement and the storms did no damage to our house, although our cellar has been filling up with water. We have a pump that takes care of that and this time the water heater in the cellar was not effective. We turned it off at the breaker and waited for the water to stop rising before turning it back on yesterday. Viola, we had hot water again.

There's more rain and storms predicted for today and I'm hoping none will be severe. My prayers go to the people in the southeastern United States. Their devastation has been unbelievable. I feel fortunate that so far the really bad storms have missed us.


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