Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome Author Kenzie Michaels

I'd like to welcome my friend, author Kenzie Michaels who is guest hosting my blog today. Kenzie has a new book coming, Class Reunion out this week and I can't say enough about how much I love this cover. I've read Kenzie's other book, All She Ever Wanted and I'm sure her new book will be just as good. I can't wait to read it. 

Natalie Collier stared at the invitation in her hand.
         “Anderson HS Class of 1984 25th Year Reunion
          Madison Co. Country Club
         August 28-30, 2009
         RSVP Brian Vellinger 765-241-0532
        Sandy Kimmel (Krantz) 765-242-3375
        Cost:  $25 Single, $40 Couple”

A hand-written note at the bottom read, “Hi Natalie!  We missed you at the 10th; won’t you please try to make it?  I’d love to hear about your life in Idaho.  Email me at”  Sandy (Krantz) Kimmel

A pang went through her as she sat down.  So Sandy had married Tom Kimmel.  And Brian….she hadn’t seen him since their graduation from Purdue in 1988.  She hadn’t kept in touch with anyone from her high school class, though her parents would pass along news from time to time.  I wonder if it’s time to renew my friendship with Lisa and Michelle?  Twenty-one years ago….and we just drifted apart.

She picked up the phone and punched in Sandy’s number.

An hour later, she danced around her tiny apartment.  I don’t remember talking to Sandy all that much, but now we can’t seem to stop!  I’ll wangle the time off somehow.  Who knows, maybe one of the guys I had a crush on will be single also, and we’ll hook up?

Get real.  Like that’ll ever happen.

(Deleted scene from Class Reunion)

What about you?  When you attended your high school reunion, were you single?  Newly married?  In a committed relationship?  I attended my 10th only because I hadn’t seen my BFF in two years and wanted to meet his new girlfriend.  I looked forward to the 20th, since I had my first published book, and everyone wanted to take their picture with me.  And at the 25th, well, let’s just say alcohol loosened a few tongues and ideas for my next book were being offered.

All She Ever Wanted had been released a few months before, and a reader emailed me wanting to know ‘Banker-dude’s story’.  So I took the idea of one of the more ‘fleshed out’ plot line, changed the characters names, and Class Reunion was born.  I sincerely hope I’ve disguised enough details thrown at me; otherwise at the 30th reunion, people may refuse to talk to me!

Class Reunion releases Feb 6th at Freya’s Bower and can be pre-ordered here.

Thanks for hosting me today Carol!




  1. Hi, Kenzie. I gotta say, I think your class reunions were more exciting than mine! Congratulations on the new book.

    Hi, Carol!

  2. First...feel better!
    Love the cozy feeling the cover portrays.
    My 10th class reunion (MANY years ago) was something I eagerly attended. I was married, and couldn't wait to catch up on news with others. I'm sure that those "in love" as teens are eager to see what happened to their friends...and lovers. Great way to create romance stories...just listening to news and watching peoples' reactions can give lots to use in books!
    Congrats, Molly, on your successes!

  3. @Carol: Thanks sooo much for having me on today!

    @Liz: LOL:) Maybe I'm just a sentimentalist at heart? Thanks for stopping by!

  4. @Marianne: Thank you:) It was funny to see who had married, who were still single, and who had become successful. And at my 20th, we laughed because most of the women were now blonde, covering up our gray hair!

  5. We have only had a 10yr reunion. I had married my high school sweatheart the fall after graduation.