Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Productive Day

Sunday's are usually pretty good days for me to get some work done. Not just my writing, but housework, too. My husband works most Sunday's and that leaves me home by myself to get things done. Today, I was able to get three chapters edited. I'm so impressed with myself. I did loads of dishes and I don't mean in the dishwasher either because it's broken. I did these by hand. I'm so impressed with myself. I also researched publishers that I want to submit this manuscript to. I found at least four and will need to decide in what order to query them. Again, I am so impressed with myself.

What I didn't get done was vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the bathtub. The bathtub I can hide, but we have company coming tomorrow and I can't hide the carpet. So, my last task to complete today will be to get that carpet finished and if I can get another chapter edited, well all the better.

I'm still hoping to be able to make it to the Magna Cum Murder writing convention in October. I already have the days off from work and my hotel reservations, but then there that money thing. I'm car shopping right now and have a feeling all the money I have saved will be going toward a new used car, which I will have to have in order to drive that far to the convention. I'm still hoping and I won't cancel those hotel reservations until I have to. I might still win the lottery, you know.



  1. You HAVE to come to Magna, Carol! You HAAAAAVE to!! --But, IF you can't, you can give me promo materials to spread around for you.

    Fingers crossed we see you there!

    Marian Allen

  2. I'm going to try, but if I can't I'll bring some of my material for you to take. Thanks for the offer.