Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

As I take a break from working on the synopsis for the book I just finished writing, I have to think about the next project I will be working on. Okay, you all know me too well. I'm procrastinating my work on the synopsis. But, I promise to get right back to it once I am finished here.

Honestly, I really do need to figure out what I want to write next. In October, after getting home from the Magna cum Murder Crime Writing Festival, I was certain that I wanted to turn my attention to writing a contemporary mystery. I was so sure of it, that I worked on a strict mystery during NaNo in November. It was actually the second book in a series, I started the first one last year for NaNo. However, now I'm not so sure I want to leave the romantic suspense genre.

So, here I sit, close to wrapping things up on my latest romantic suspense and keeping my fingers crossed that a publisher will be interested in it, needing to figure out what to do next. Decisions, decisions. I actually have six different projects in various stages of beginnings. I have two books with five chapters finished, two with four chapters finished, and two with one chapter finished. You would think that I would go with one of them that is the farthest along, but no that's not necessarily the case.

I want to select the one that I will most likely stick to and get completed. At least one of those books, I have started and stopped working on several times. I need to choose the one that is the most interesting for me to write. Most importantly, I will have to decide if I want to stick with romantic suspense, since that's what genre my two completed books have been.

As I said.....decisions, decisions.


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