Sunday, January 9, 2011

Searching for my Discipline

I've felt so out of control lately. I wake up on the weekends with good intentions of getting back to my writing, but then other things get in the way. There's laundry to be done, a vacuum cleaner to fix, packing an overnight bag to keep in my car in case of icy weather (may have to use that this week), and finally helping with a family emergency. Now, the family emergency can't be helped and it will probably continue for a while. The other stuff? Well, those are things that need to be done, but not right away. I've lost my discipline.

I'm not really surprised. It seems to happen about this time every year. I work hard during November on the NaNo project and then take December off for Christmas activities. January should be the month that I get back on track and so far, it hasn't happened. It's not for a lack of trying. I pulled out the partially completed projects that I have so I could decide which one I want to work on first and made that decision. I just can't seem to get out of the starting gate. It will happen, it always does. I'll wait for it and when it does happen, you can be sure that I will be out of that starting gate in a flash.



  1. I'm glad and sorry to hear I'm not the only one! Looks like at least half of January will be a general loss, as far as writing progress is concerned. Oh, well, let's just say we're gathering our strength for when we SPRING back into writing. We'll SPRING! Just SPRING out of the gate, right? Here we go, SPRINGING....

    Marian Allen

  2. Maybe you could find someone else in the same 'stalled' mode and trade projects for awhile. They'll work on your book, you work on theirs. It could work, ya know! :)