Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow and more snow

I love snow, as you can see by the background photo of my blog, but this winter has really tested my love for the soft white flakes. I haven't actually check the facts, but I think we have had at least one snow storm every week since Christmas. We've had so much snow on the ground that it seems strange to see grass once it's melted. I do know that last week was the first week since Christmas that school was in session every day. The poor kids are going to have attend into June now to make up the days.

I'm really not a believer in global warmer, or climate change, or whatever they are calling it now. This has just been a freaky winter of continuous cold weather. The good news is that March is only a few weeks away and at that time, I'll be complaining about all the severe storms we get and wishing it were February again.

Update on my writing: I only a have a few pages left to write on my synopsis. Have I mentioned I hate writing those things? Oh, yeah I guess I have. This week I was pleasantly surprised to find a royalty check in the mail and that was a nice belated birthday present for me. I'm hoping to get started on my next project soon. I have been doing a little preliminary work on it already, but want to buckle down and start to do some actual writing soon.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and my beloved Colts are not in it. I'm not a big fan of either team, Packers or Steelers, so I don't really care who wins. I'm sure I'll watch the game, but more for the commercials than the game itself.

Have a great day, spring will be here soon.

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