Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tired Woman

I made it home from my trip to Mississippi this morning. It was a very quick trip. I flew down Saturday afternoon and drove back with my daughter about two hours after my plane landed. She wanted to come home for a visit before her husband returned from his deployment. It's too long of a drive (12 hours) from there to Indiana for her to come alone, so I agreed to fly down and drive back with her. We both were very tired and probably switched off driving about every hour or two, especially after getting into Tennessee until we got to Indiana. In a couple weeks, I will do it again in reverse order. Hopefully, she and I will be a little more rested before we start off.

I head back to work tomorrow and hope that my co-workers don't find me looking like this during the work day. Oh yes, coffee will be a must in the morning.
Have a great week everyone. I'm heading to bed.


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