Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Publicity Photos

I'm getting some publicity photos taken this weekend and I'm a bit nervous about it. I'm usually the person on the back side of the camera, not the front. Alas, I can't put it off any longer. Most of the pictures you find of me on blogs or social network sites are years old. What I wouldn't do to look like Julia Roberts in my photos. Unfortunately, I won't have a hairdresser, makeup artist, or wardrobe person. It will be all me.

I'm have full faith in the photographer and she promised she has some great ideas for author photos. The weather has cooled so maybe my makeup won't be melting down my face. I'm hoping for no wind so I don't have to use hairspray. I hate hairspray. And, sunshine, I really need sunshine on Saturday.

My last worry is clothes. I need to pick out three outfits and I have no idea what to wear. Four days and counting. I better go rummage through my closet and see if I can pull out some magic. Wish me luck and I'll be posting the results when I get the finished product.



  1. I worked with a great photographer for years and he had some great ideas. As for clothes, go with traditional themes. No prints or stripes. Stay away from all white or all black. Make sure you wear long sleeves. By traditional, I don't mean boring. Use a mix of solid colors. Also use accessories as well but remember, the whole point of this is to see your face. Don't wear anything that will compete with it. A good photographer also will position you for your best look. You may feel uncomfortable and twisted like a pretzel but there are good reasons for this. Just try and relax and don't forget to smile! Good luck!
    W.S. Gager