Friday, May 18, 2012

Burned out

It seems that I get burned out with things I do a lot of very quickly. I love doing the NaNoWriMo project every November, but when December rolls around I don't even want to look at my manuscript, finished or not. It's usually January before I feel like writing again. The same thing happened last month with the April A to Z Blog Challenge where I blogged every day of that month. I got burned out. I even stopped reading some of my favorite blogs, didn't even want to look at them.So, my friends, it will be a slow come back for me to start posting often again.

To update on me, the last eight days have been busy ones. A camping trip over the weekend, a trip to the ER with my mom, my writers group meeting, driving all over southeastern Indiana on one day for my day job, and well, just work itself. That's another thing I'm burned out on.This week, I even calculated how many months it will be before I can retire from my job - 81 months. Of course, I doubt if I will be able to afford to retire at that point, but at least its a goal I can look forward to. Oh, and I was interviewed on Haven's Realm blog.

Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in some writing this week and finished chapter 7 of my current book. I'm guessing it will be about twelve chapters long, but I haven't plotted them on paper yet. I'll be on vacation from my day job next week and will just be staying home. Hopefully, I'll get a little more writing done.


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