Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm such a movie geek

Several of my co-workers and I were having a conversation about movies over lunch this past week and I had to admit that I was a movie geek. I love movies, but tend to wait until they are on DVD or television before I watch them. It's so expensive to go to a movie these days, especially with the concessions, that I usually wait, unless it's something that I really want to see.

The other ladies and I discussed the types of movies that we like and I was in the minority. Most of their favorites were "chick flicks." My favorites are suspense and action dramas, especially if they involve police, federal agents, or military.

I've been known to occasionally watch a historical or period movie. Which brings me to why I'm writing this. I was on Pinterest tonight and saw the photo below which absolutely put me in the mood to watch Lord of the Rings tonight. I remember when he made that first appearance in the movie. That shadowed face, that voice was all I needed. He fast became my favorite character in the movie. So, while you're reading this, I'll have enjoyed the night with Aragorn.


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