Friday, July 12, 2013

Craving Cowboys!

Thanks for visiting my blog for the Secret Cravings Western Romance Blog Hop. My publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing is sponsoring the Hop with so many of their authors of western romance participating. Please check out the Secret Cravings Publishing blog for a list and links for all participating authors.

If you love sexy cowboys, you'll love "Spring Forward, Fall Back in Love," a contemporary western novella and my first in that genre. The last person Grace Taylor wanted to see was her old boyfriend, Andy Granger, but that's exactly who was standing in front of her on the porch of the ranch. To make matters worse, he was her trail guide. When an unexpected spring storm strands them in a secluded mountain cabin, memories and old feelings emerge. Can Grace keep the secret she'd kept for eight years while at the same time keep Andy at a distance?

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Grace walked out and sat down in one of the wooden rocking chairs. The spring day couldn't have been better for riding—sunny and cool with a light breeze. She remembered days like this when she, Cindy and Andy used to clean the stables at the Carver's ranch down the road. She had the best memories from working there.
"Miss Taylor?" a male voice called from the end of the porch.
She rose from the chair and turned to find Andy Granger waiting for her. "Andy?"  She rose from the chair and turned to find Andy Granger waiting for her. Her high school boyfriend was the last person she had hoped to run into, but now that he was in front of her, she felt her knees go a little weak. He took off his cowboy hat and wiped the sweat from his brow with his sleeve. His clingy shirt and tight jeans sent her heart into palpitations. She had to take a deep breath to calm herself.
He stepped upon the porch. "Gracie, what are you doing here?"
"I'm here for riding lessons."
"I'm your trail guide."
"No! No way am I going out on a ride with you. Get me another guide," she demanded.
"I'm the only one available.”
Grace turned and went back into the main office followed by Andy. With the young lady gone, Mr. Watkins now stood behind the counter.
"Hello, Grace. Ready for your ride?" He glanced at Andy.
"Mr. Watkins, are there any other guides available, other than Andy?"
"What's wrong with Andy?"
"Remember, he and I used to date in high school and then we broke up?"
"But, that was eight years ago. Don't you think you've both put your past behind you?"
"I would really prefer a different guide."
Mr. Watkins scratched his head. "Well, honey, I'm really sorry, but all the other guides are already out for the day."
Grace looked at Andy.
"It's me or nothing," he said.
"Fine!" She stomped out of the building, her boots clacking on the hardwood floor as she did.
Andy followed her out. "Gracie, wait." He grabbed her arm.
"Don't call me that." She jerked her arm out of his grasp.
"I always called you that."
"Not any more. That was a long time ago. Let's just stick to Grace."

"Spring Forward, Fall Back in Love" is available in several e-book formats on Secret Cravings's web site, or for Kindle on Amazon's web site, on Barnes &Noble for Nook and on All Romance E-books



  1. This sounds like a great and fun read. Bet I know the secret.

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  3. Ooooh Carol, this sounds awesome! Great excerpt:)

  4. This sound like a good read. Great begining. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  7. Sounds wonderful! I love cowboys!
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