Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I got thrown out of a hotel

My friend and fellow author, Marian Allen posted on her blog about her, T. Lee Harris and Ginny Flemming's recent stay at The Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky while they attended Fandom Fest. Their exploit reminded me of my last trip to The Galt House, which was when I was in high school a LONG time ago.

I always tell people that my claim to fame is that I was once thrown out of the Galt House. Yep, me. It really happened, I was thrown out of The Galt House, that ritzy five-star hotel that is so overly priced that I could never afford to stay there.

Here's what happened. When I was in high school, I took an acting and a stage production class. One of the highlights of taking those classes was a trip to Actor's Theater of Louisville to see a production. We saw "A Christmas Carol." and it was so good. Back then, the school recruited parents to drive for field trips. There were no school bus trips for things like seeing a play. My mom was one of the drivers since she knew how to drive around Louisville. We arrive early, way too early to get into the theater, so we decided to go over to The Galt House. It was close to Christmas and the hotel would be decorated so pretty.

Apparently, the other schools attending that also arrived early had the same idea, except that the other kids were elementary age children. You know, the ones that are told to be quiet, keep to themselves, and not cause problems, but can't. Yeah, those kids. We were juniors in high school and did know how to act in public, especially in a hotel as nice as The Galt House. However, with hundreds of kids (I'm sure it was hundreds) running around the hotel, the staff was getting a little frustrated.

The next thing we knew, WE were being asked to leave the hotel immediately. We tried to explain it wasn't us, but you know, we were the teenagers so we got the blame. Out the door we went. Fortunately, our teacher and the parents with us knew it wasn't us, so we didn't get into any trouble. But, as soon as we got back to the school, news traveled fast that we were thrown out of The Galt House and there was a little explaining to do to our principal, thanks to the teacher and our parents, he was convinced we did no wrong, but that was a running joke for us the rest of the school year.

If you're interested in reading about Marian's stay at The Galt House, which is probably more interesting than my story, check out Marian Allen's blog.


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