Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Josh Gates: Host of Expedition Unknown


Last weekend, I attended the speaking performance of Josh Gates, host of the Discovery Channel's Expedition Unknown at The Palace Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky. I've been a fan of Josh Gates since Expedition Unknown started, so this was a special treat for me.

It was also a very long day. We had meet & greet tickets and that was happening before his performance. The email said to be there by 4:00 pm. The show didn't start until 8 PM. The heat was blistering, but we were one of the first in line, and fortunately in the shade. Believe me, it was still hot. Finally, a little after 4:30, they opened the doors. I didn't have anything for him to sign so I went to the merchandise table and purchased his book, which I'd had bookmarked on Amazon for a while. I wish I had bought it there because the merch table price was almost double that of Amazon. 


Then, was the next wait. At least we were inside in the air conditioning. I was the first in line. 

(I'm very proud. That's never happened before.) Because I had been having knee pain, I was using a cane. However, I was still leaning against the wall. Believe me, a cane can be a golden ticket, as my son-in-law said later. One of the guys working at The Palace saw the cane and me leaning, and brought a chair so I could sit while waiting. What a nice guy! I wish I had gotten his name. So, the wait after that was only about fifteen minutes. We were then ushered into the theater auditorium. I still didn't see Josh Gates, but as we walked toward the stage area, I saw a black curtain had been erected and the shadow of a man behind it. You couldn't miss that silhouette. It was him.

It was exciting to know I was about to meet him. With celebrities, you never know if they're going to be nice, or just want to get through everyone in line. I'm very happen to say, he was so nice. He thanked me for coming and asked where I was from. I've never been nervous around other celebrities I've met, but I must have been with him because I completely forgot to ask him about my favorite episode and another question, but that went right out of my head too. The main thing I noticed was how tall he was. For some reason, I always thought he was kind of short. The person I sat next to later, told me he was 6'2". 
 On to the show. It was fabulous. I enjoyed every bit of it. He talked about how he got started in
 exploration and television, and spoke a little about each show he's hosted. There's been three of them. Fascinating stuff. He ended the night with a Question and Answer session. I was too tired, and the line too long for me to stand to ask my question.
All in all, it was a wonderful evening that I enjoyed very much. I hope I can do it again sometime.



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