Friday, March 4, 2011

Publicity Photos

I need some publicity photos taken, but oh my, I don't like being in front of a camera. My job was always behind the camera where I am very comfortable. With spring coming, I find that it's the perfect time to have some photos taken. I'm ashamed to say how old the photos I have are that I use online. If you look at the photo I use on this blog, the one where I am wearing a purple shirt. I think that is my most recent photo and it's probably at least five years old. The one I used before that of me sitting at a computer was older than that! Then, there's the first photo that I put up on my Author's page. It's the one where I am wearing blue. While I think it's a pretty good photo of me, it's probably over 15 years old.

The hardest thing about getting some photos taken is what should I wear. In addition to a photographer, I think I need a stylist to dress me, too. So, the search is on to find a good, but inexpensive photographer for some good photos. Any suggestions?


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