Saturday, March 5, 2011

Read an Ebook Week

March 6-12 has been designated as Read an Ebook Week. Have you heard of Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, or Sony Ereader. These are all electronic devices that you use to read books in electronic format. The photo on the left is of my book, Love, Lies and Deceit on my Kindle ereader.

I've had my Kindle since October and I love it. I taken it to work to read over lunch, to the doctor's office to read while my mom was at her appointment, and on long trips. I have over 25 books on my reader and can carry it in one hand. How many of you can say you took 25 books with you on vacation to read?

Ebook are usually cheaper than their hardback counterparts and you can find just about any book that is in hardback in an electronic version. The question that I get a lot is which ereader to buy. As I said, I have a Kindle and am partial to it. It is sold by and they have thousands of ebooks to buy and hundreds that are free. Each ereader has it's own format, but as far as I know, they all accept PDF files.

Do you think you'd like to try an ereader, but don't think you can afford one? There are other ways to read ebooks. I started out with Kindle for PC, a free app program from that allows you to download Kindle books to your PC for reading. I also have a friend who downloaded an app for her cell phone from so she could buy and read my book. I can't imagine reading an ebook on a phone screen, but she did it.

If you are interested in my book, Love, Lies & Deceit, you can visit my page at Red Rose Publishing. While on the Red Rose Publishing page, please take some time and check out all of the great authors on there.

You can also visit my Author Central Page at A few of my friends also have books available in ebook format and I highly recommend them, Marian Allen, Kenzie Michaels, Michael Williams, and T. Lee Harris. Also, please check out my list of author friends whose web pages and blogs I have listed on the right side of the page.


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  1. Hi Carol! Thanks for posting this. It is a great way to promote our books isn't it?
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