Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome author Molly Daniels today

Today, I'd like to welcome my friend and author, Molly Daniels. Molly has agreed to interview one of her characters today from her Arbor University Tales series. Welcome, Molly, Elicia, and Amy.

Today I’d like to turn this guest slot over to Elicia Keller and Amy Callahan, the heroines of the first two books in the Arbor University Tales series.

MD: Welcome ladies! Good to see you again.

AC: Hi Molly; I was thrilled with the new cover; the male looks so much like my Matthew!

EK: I think the model on your cover looks more like me, but my cover is sooo much better than that first one! (gagging gesture)

AC: And the mistake in yours was finally fixed…

EK: All eleven of them. I checked. And I still don’t understand why you felt it necessary to kill off-

MD: Sorry Elicia…no spoilers, please….

EK: Couldn’t you simply have maimed him? We might have broken up eventually; that cigarette habit of his drove me crazy.

MD: Really? You never said anything.

EK (rolling her eyes): When you begin dating someone, you don’t complain about their irritating habits until later. And then you only had him smoking after sex, which is okay. Amy, I don’t know how you put up with your man so long. I met him and wasn’t impressed at all.

AC: He changed after I set him straight about a few things. Unlike you, if I’m not happy with the way I’m being treated, I’ll let him know. If he chooses to continue, then I’m sorry; sacrificing my sense of self-worth to please him won’t do. There are other fish in the sea.

EK(thumbs through LFAW): But you tolerate his obvious lies about his ex-girlfriend?

AC: Matt has an issue with trust. That’s why we argued so much; he lets insecurities get to him. In some ways he’s like a little boy-Molly, he’s not going to be reading this is he? Oh wait…he doesn’t read! (laughs)-where was I? Oh yes…He’s also the youngest in his family, and I’m an only child, so psychologically, we shouldn’t even be together. But I’m patient enough to help him through his issues.

EK: Isn’t it against the rules to date your client?

AC: He’s not my client; he’s my boyfriend. Just because my training happens to be useful to our relationship…

MD: Girls, please, let’s be civil. Elicia, have you talked to Keri? Her story will be releasing later this month.

EK: I’ve never really gotten along with Keri; our taste in men and careers are polar opposites. And while we’re on the subject, how do you market an electronic book? Will I ever be in print again?

MD: I’m not sure; I think it depends on how many sales are generated. And as for the marketing, I use facebook, twitter, my blog, and various chat loops.

EK: Not following you.

AC: Face book? Why do you put our faces in a book?

MD: Oh that’s right; personal computers aren’t around in 1984-6 yet, or the internet.

AC: The only computers I’ve ever seen were either large enough to fill a room or these huge things which take up all the space on the desk and you have to enter a lot of code first. Are you telling me someone finally made them user-friendly?

EK: Twitter….is that a twit who never learns anything?

MD: Just wait twenty more years ladies; then you’ll understand. A special thank you to Carol for letting us take over her blog today-

EK: We’re guests on a blog? Does my hair look alright? And do I have time to change my outfit?

MD: Relax, Elicia…no one can see you. Just your cover. . In the meantime, here’s the link where you can find both books, and since Amy’s book was released the other day, here’s a blurb and excerpt. Enjoy!

AC: Trust Elicia to make everything about her….


Can a blind date turn into a romance? Amy Callahan wants to find out, so when she flies to California to spend a week with Matt Slagal, she discovers the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. Which one prevails..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder" or, "Out of sight, out of mind"?

Buy link:


“What am I to you, anyway? Just someone to sleep with occasionally when you can’t get laid, or do I actually mean something to you?”

“Good Lord, Amy!” He stopped halfway to the front door and spun around. “Is that what you think?”

“What am I supposed to think?” Angry tears rolled down her cheeks. “Last year, I never dreamed I’d even see you again then I thought I’d surprise you when I got that free ticket. You called me your girlfriend and told me you loved me, so...”

“That’s right.” He walked over and took her hands. “I love you. I broke up with Jeri as soon as I got back, because I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“Wait a minute.” Amy stepped back. “You... I thought you had already broken up with her when you met me.”

Matt shook his head. “We’d had a huge fight, because I wouldn’t bring her with me. Then I met you. I thought Jeri and I would maybe get back together, but after being with you...hell, I couldn’t get you off my mind, so I quit seeing her. I was planning to look you up this fall, but you showed up on the base in July.” He pulled her inside the house. “Do you want to go upstairs or get something to drink?”

Amy shook her head, digesting everything. She circled the room as Matt went to get a beer for himself. “So, what you said in California was true; you wanted to keep seeing me, and the fact you’ve not seen me for a week was due to...?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

Matt sat down in a chair and looked at the floor. “My friends kept me busy. I...I slept all day, and I knew you needed your sleep, so...” He gestured with his hands.

“And with your friends all partied out, you just happened to remember my number?” Amy gave a short laugh and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I can tell you really care about me.” She sat down in a corner of the couch. “Thanks, Matt.”

“It’s not like that. It’s just, you’re not like anyone I’ve ever been with. something to me, something I can’t explain.” He ran a hand through his blonde hair.

Amy stared at him and raised an eyebrow. Oh yeah? I can’t wait to hear this.

Matt continued to drink his beer. He crushed the empty can and sat down in the chair across from her.

“All right, it’s like this. I love you. And, but you scare me. I don’t want a repeat of my friends trying to take you away from me.”

“What do you mean, I scare you?” Is he serious?

Matt cocked his head and leaned forward. “Remember I once told you I thought you looked like the serious type, the kind that doesn’t party very much?” Amy nodded. “Well, I always thought I liked the party girls best, the ones that let loose and have a good time. You’ve shown me that’s not the type of girl I want at all. And if I’ve had that all wrong, then what else have I screwed up?”

Amy laughed. “Maybe you’re just going through a change.” She stood and perched on the padded arm of his chair. “I never dreamed I’d fall in love with someone I’d only see twice a year.” She gasped as Matt hooked an arm around her waist, spilling her onto his lap.

“Sometimes, you just have to trust your feelings.” She sighed as his lips covered hers.

“Now that we’ve got that settled, am I forgiven?”


  1. Thanks for having me (us?) today Carol:)

  2. Amy and Elicia are too funny for words. :)

    I grew up in the 80's too and computers were not for girls.


  3. I loved the fun interview. I'll check out Molly's books.

  4. LOL the 9th grade, we had a computer in our Algebra class and learned how to play 'Guess My Number'. And in order to DO anything, you had to know all this CRAP to type in first...who wanted to do THAT?

  5. @ Andrea: I'm glad you liked the girls' 'interaction' and hope you find the books enjoyable:) Book #3 releases sometime this month.