Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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I haven't posted a writing update in a while, so I thought it would be a good time. I've been feverishly working on my current romance manuscript. This one will be a sweet romance with a little touch of suspense, but mostly romance. I working on chapter eight of what I hope to be a twelve chapter book. Watch for updates here when I get it finished and hopefully a contact. Things have been a little slow this week thanks to a problem with one of my eyes. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and she dilated my right eye and told me it would be dilated for 24 hours. That was 34 hours ago and I'm still dilated. Luckily, she said my eye problem is not serious. It's terrible getting old.

Sales for all of my releases are doing well. I'm not rich enough to quit my day and I don't think that's going to happen until retirement. Speaking of retirement, I was bored at work the other day and figured out that I will be eligible to retire in 80 months from my government job. That sounded so much better than six years and some odd months. But, I digress, all of my book are now available as Nook downloads from Barnes and Noble. If you notice on their site, Saved by the Sheriff is also available there in paperback, for $23.90! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy my book there. I asked my publisher about it and she said they don't list with B&N and it's from a third party vendor. If you want to buy Saved by the Sheriff in paperback, please buy it from Amazon.

I came up with an idea for a new book today. Funny how book ideas come to me. I was thinking about the movie, The Devil Wears Prada (one of my favorites) and an unusual character popped in to my head. Obviously, I can't write anything like that movie, which was first a book, or I'd be sued, but I have a very basic idea to go with. I'll jot it down in my book for future reference and see what I can add to it before I get my current book finished.

I'm hoping to maybe have a table at a local community festival this fall and will have copies of Saved by the Sheriff there to sell, if I'm able to get a table. Watch the calendar on my web page for any local appearances that I may have. 

I also decided this weekend to try and eat better and exercise more. LOL Yeah, I've told myself that before and when it does work out, I eventually slide backwards. So, I'm going to give it a shot again. I started today by eating lots of fruit today for lunch and then took a walk, after I spent 30 minutes of my lunch hour writing. I felt better and didn't get sleepy around two PM, like I usually do. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I'll try to be better about posting on here, but life seems so boring to me that I can't imagine anyone else wanting to read about it.


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