Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Saved by the Sheriff

Today, for my Six Sentence Sunday, I have a small excerpt from my book Saved by the Sheriff.

You can choose from several formats of Saved by the Sheriff on the Sweet Cravings Publishing web page, or for your Kindle, or for your Nook.

When writer Jaime Wilson visits Indiana to investigate an unsolved mystery, she finds herself becoming the next target and Sheriff Ben Hunter comes to her rescue. She didn't count on falling in love with him and he didn't think he'd have to work so hard to keep her safe.
Six Sentences:
   The next thing Jaime knew they had slid down flat on the seat of the truck as she and Ben continued kissing.
   She felt his hand move under her sweater, making his way to her bra. Her hands were just as busy trying to get to his belt when his cell phone started ringing.
   "Damn. I have to answer this." They both moved back to a sitting position with Jaime still next to him.

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