Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where I Write

A couple blogs by authors that I regularly read recently posted photos of their offices where they write. Most of them were neat and clean. No clutter on the desks, no wadded up papers, dirty coffee cups, or candy wrappers and I just can't believe that is how they really work. Now, I understand how they would want to have a nice photo of their office because it's being put out there on the world wide web for everyone to see. But seriously, it reminds me of the photo going around Facebook about authors and how different people perceive what we do. I love that by the way, and have saved it for my computer wallpaper. For today's post, I decided to show some photos of my offices. Yes, I said the plural. I do the majority of my writing in two different places, my day job office and my home office.

Day job office
Monday through Friday, I spend my lunch hour every day working on my manuscript. Yes, my day job office is very tidy. I pride myself on being organized and since my day job involves confidential files, I have to keep many things filed away. My home office, well that's another matter.

Home office

On the weekends, I mostly work in my home at my desk. I share the office with my husband, whose desk is on the other side of my laptop.My desk is cluttered, but everything on my desk is for research and within reach at anytime. My dictionary and thesaurus are on the floor next to me because there is no room on my desk for them. Honestly, I do clean it off occasionally, but then I can't find anything.

 Obviously, with having a laptop I can be mobile and can sit on the couch or even type a little while in bed before going to sleep. I've written while on vacation with my husband driving down the highway. I've written on an airplane while flying to visit my best friend or my daughter and I've made notes while driving down the highway on the way home from a business meeting. In that case, I was talking into a micro-recorder. But, I think the strangest place I've ever written was when I was sitting in the dentist chair while waiting for my mouth to get numb.

So now when you read any of my books, you will know where I likely was sitting while composing.


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