Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where has the year gone?

In just a few days the year will be half over. I'm always amazed at how quickly the months go by. At least two of my Facebook friends said last week that they have started their Christmas shopping. That's probably not a bad idea. I think I will at least start on a list.

I'm feverishly working on my next novel. It's set in the fall and winter from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. I worry that I won't get it finished in time for it to be released this winter and may have to wait a year and I don't want that to happen. I have two and a half more chapters to go and pretty much have them plotted out, sort of. I don't go by an outline, but when I get an idea for a chapter, I jot it down on a Post-it Note. God bless Post-it Notes, a writer's best friend, but that's another topic for later.

Happy Christmas in July and I hope that you get your shopping done early.


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  1. Carol, thank you for pointing out the steampunk book. I went and got it and am looking forward to reading it. Best of luck in meeting the timeline you want for your book.