Monday, June 27, 2011

Wasting Time

I hate wasting time, but this morning was a total waste. I had a business meeting that I needed to attend on July1 and my employer requires any trip over 124 miles round trip requires renting a car through their account. So far, my trips have been under the 124 mile limit, but not the one on Friday. This morning I spent from 8:30 to 11:30 trying to figure out how to fill out the request form to rent a car. Several emails with my boss later, I had the form filled out and a gas card on the way to me in the mail. I called and reserved my car. I was pretty happy with myself.

Then, it happened. I received an email about another meeting in another town on the same day. My reply was that I was scheduled in another city that day. No, they told me, "I double checked and you're here on Friday." I looked at my online schedule, which my Central Office sets up for me, and discovered that my schedule had been changed. I no longer had the 124+ mile trip now and I was indeed going to the meeting in the closer town.

I had wasted my whole morning trying to figure out how to rent a car that wasn't actually needed. I was mad because I had so much other work I could have been doing, but it was a learning experience. At least now, when I do need to rent a car for work, I will know how.



  1. You might use the whole experience in a story, then it will have been "research" as opposed to waited time!