Friday, October 21, 2011

Arrested and Handcuffed

No, no, not me. But, if the law enforcement authorities ever look in my laptop, they would probably be doing a lot of questioning. As a writer of mystery and suspense, I do a lot of research on the crimes in my books.

I'm getting ready to start book #4 in the mystery series that I hope to get published someday and so far, there's been a murder, a serial killer, several thefts, and this one will be about arson. You should see all of the web sites I have bookmarked from doing research. Scarey stuff.

As I've mentioned before, National Novel Writing Month starts on November 1. One of my writer friends asked on Facebook the other day what our books would be about. I had a book somewhat plotted and posted a blurb about it, but warned that I would probably end up changing it and well, I did. I came up with a new plot last night and will get that new blurb written soon.

My plans for this weekend are to edit the manuscript that I just signed a contract for. The publisher has asked all the authors to re-edit their books one more time before they assign and editor so to help speed the editing process along and not delay our releases. So, this will be an editing weekend. Until then, let's hope I don't get raided by the FBI or some other agency.



  1. LOL:) I'll be re-editing mine on Monday! Funny how plots change:)

  2. Hope your editing went well! Thanks for reminding people about Happy Sunday Carol.
    PS-what is our new writing assignment for Q&Q?