Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/9/11

Six Sentence Sunday is something that many authors do by posting six sentences from one of their books. My sentences below are from a police procedural mystery that I am working on. Last night, I finished writing Chapter six. I was hoping to have it ready for release this fall, now I'm pushing it back to later this winter.

The scene below is a part of a phone conversation between the main character and his old girlfriend.

Six Sentence Sunday:

"Actually, I'm working on a case where someone is stealing antique signs from businesses in town," he said.

"Any suspects?" she asked.

"That's the problem, everyone's a suspect because no one's a suspect."

"Maybe you're looking too hard, or maybe the theft was just a diversion for another crime," she suggested.

"Katherine, you're beautiful. If you were here, I'd kiss you," he said.

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