Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wet Week of Camping

Slosh-slosh-slosh-slosh. That is the sounds of my and my husband's shoes on Thursday. We went camping and after two-weeks of no rain and the best weather, it rained during our camping trip. Not just rain, but a few times, a downpour. We, of course, knew it was going to rain, so we had prepared for it. Unfortunately, we did not realized that both of our shoes leaked and spent all day and most of the evening on Thursday with wet feet, socks, and shoes. Luckily, we did take extra shoes and socks, but didn't want to change into them until Friday morning, so not to get them soaked, too.

Even with the wet weather, we had a great time. We went to Nashville, Indiana, camping at Brown County State Park. For those that aren't familiar, Brown County is one of the prime places to go to view the fall leaf color. The photo to the left does not do the view justice at all. The leaves were gorgeous to look at, once the weather cleared. My favorite store to visit while in Nashville is the For Bare Feet store. It's a store full of socks. I love novelty socks and on this trip I bought some Indianapolis Colts socks. Believe me, those socks felt great to put on when I went to sleep that night after having wet feet all day.

The only bad thing that happened on the trip was my clumsiness. First, after we set the tent up, I tripped stepping out of the door and fell on my knees. But, the worst came about an hour later when I was helping my husband put a tarp up over the picnic table. I tripped backwards over our pile of firewood. That tumble left me mad, embarrassed, and with a huge red, purple, and red bruise that covers the whole left side of my left leg below my knee. I also have two smaller bruises on my right leg, above and below my knee. The photo above is AS (after storm). Look at that great sunshine we for the drive home on Friday.

Out trip was not without seeing wildlife. We saw deer, squirrels, and this little guy that my husband wanted to shoot. Of course, in an Indiana State Park that isn't allowed, so he had to be satisfied with just shooting a picture of the turkey.

Our trip was not totally just a vacation. We had a purpose for the trip, other than just getting away from the office. Check back later this weekend to see what the real purpose of our trip was.


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