Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Fall Weekend

We've had beautiful weather for the past couple days. It's cool at night, was actually 34 degrees early this morning, but the days have been wonderful. I thought I would share some photos that my husband and I have taken in the past few days.

These are the petunias in a hanging basket on our porch. I have to give credit to my husband for keeping them looking so well. He watered them practically everyday when he put water out for our dog this summer. Purple is my favorite color and these were just beautiful. I checked on them today and I think our cool temps last night didn't set too well with them. They're a little wilted today.

Yesterday, I walked down to our persimmon tree to see how far along in the ripening process they were. The persimmons are turning orange and getting a little soft, but no where near close to being ripened yet.

As I went on my walk yesterday, I had a couple companions. Our dog, Dexter and our cat, Kitty. Dex is blind, but gets around better than most dogs that can see. I think sometimes he forgets that he's blind when he gets a excited and wants to run up to us. If a tree is in the way, he bumps right into it before we can stop him. We've
had Dex since he was a pup. I tried to get a better picture of Dex, but every time I called his name so he would look my way, he walked over to me.

Our cat with the original name of Kitty has been with us for about three years now. He's went thought a variety of names, regardless, we all call him Kitty. During the summer, due to the fleas and ticks, he's an outside cat. But, as the weather cools, he gets his reprieve and gradually becomes an indoor cat. He was an indoor cat for a little while last night and almost caught a mouse. I heard the mouse squeal and turned to see Kitty searching around our wood stove. I think he had the mouse and then lost it. Tried as he did, he couldn't find it and finally gave up.

I hope we have many more beautiful fall weekends left before winter sets in. Although, I do love winter, especially around here.


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  1. Lovely pictures! I keep forgetting to do my fall decorating. Fall is my favorite month, and the inside of my house looks like the outside when I finish putting up all the silk leaves and acorns and what-not. :)

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