Sunday, February 5, 2012


We all have hobbies, right? I collect things. Some of current and past collecting hobbies include stamps, coins, golf balls, and shot glasses. But, my new old hobby is photography. I used to be a very avid photographer and while in high school had hoped it would be my profession. Once I realized how expensive photography was back in those days of film and darkrooms, I gave up on that career path.

However, I still remained active it in and even sold a few photos, had several published in the local and regional newspapers, and finally hit the big time when some photos I took during a flood that were published in a national magazine. As with many other things, life and work got in the way of photography and I drifted away. As a stress reliever, I started writing and well, you know where that's taken me.
Lately, my interest in photography has peaked again. I dug out my old digital camera that I thought didn't work and, thanks to my husband, he rehabilitated it. I joined the 365project where you take and upload a photo every day. Trying to find a photo to take every day has proven to be a challenge. I started on January 1 and I think I've exhausted all of the photo opps between my home and my office. Winter is also not the best time to take pictures. It's been pretty drab around here. We've had hardly no snow, so no pretty snowy landscape pictures yet. Despite of that, I think I have only missed one or two days so far, which I think is pretty good.

Unfortunately, photography has taken time away from my writing and I'm going to have to figure out a way to do both. Lately, I've been writing over my lunch hour at work and photography at night. But, writing at work means doing it in longhand and now I have about twenty pages that I need to find time to type up. That's like a whole chapter.

If you're interested in following along with my photography, you can find my photos on the 365Project page at

Click on the 365 album link to see all of my photos. The pictures I've added to this blog post are three from my album.



  1. I began with dolls, then stamps, and now candles and books:) I'm also a shutterbug when it comes to family get togethers and vacations.

    Your pics are beautiful, and that's so neat that a nat'l magazine published your flood pics!

    I remember the days of longhand;) Good luck!

  2. You sound like me, I have a lot of hobbies too. Always seem to find myself into something new. author_shannon_leigh at