Saturday, April 7, 2012

G: Writing Different Genres

My first two books, Love, Lies & Deceit and Saved by the Sheriff are both romantic suspense books. I'm editing another one and am writing on a third, so I guess I'm categorized as a romantic suspense writer. However, I have a problem. I have two other romance novels that I'm working on that have no suspense in them at all, just contemporary romances.

Then, another problem popped up a couple years ago when I wanted to write a mystery with no romance involved at all. The mystery ideas has taken off for me in that I have several in books in the series plotted out.

I could write my mystery series under a pen name, but that would mean doing two of everything. Two web pages, two amazon author pages, and two Facebook author pages. I know it's been done before, Nora Roberts, for example, writes romantic suspense, but writes her mysteries under the name J.D. Robb.

Once a writer gets a few books under their belt, their backlist books start selling again, too. I would hate to miss out on those sales, if I wrote mysteries under another name. So, my question to you, what is your opinion about an author that writes in two different genres? If you bought a book expecting it to be romance, but it was a mystery, would you still read it? Let me know.


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  1. Hello, Carol! James Patterson is an author who writes in multiple genres from crime to romance to YA and he never used a pseudonym. There are many authors out there who've done the same. Nowadays information is so quickly available that everyone knows an author's various pennames anyway.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!! Have a great weekend and happy A to Z!

  2. I agree with Laura. Write whatever you like. If I like an author, I find everything I can by that author, and I read it. Catherine Coulter has bounced from stand alone romance to her FBI series. Suzanne Brockmann has written several different series' as well as stand alone romances. They are both very popular writiers. Go for it!

  3. Steven King wrote the Bachman Books, now they are known as King books. I believe the reading audience understands that some authors write one genre, some write in similar genres and some write a variety. At least, I hope so... ;)
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